Mavericks OSX10.9

Hope few would’ve already watched the Apple’s special event, here is for the people who missed the event. The initial talk was about the most astonishing Mavericks release, this version OSX 10.9 can be updated directly from any version of Mac OSX10.8,10.7 or even from Snow leopard(OSX10.6) and wait for it –> It’s totally FREE. Mavericks comes with new iMaps and iBooks This update increases MBA’s battery life to 1.5 hours more, consumes less memory, High graphics rendering and lot. Not only that the UI has really been a great leap in this new update. The new update never vanishes your notification until you’ve peep on it and like your browser tabs you got tabs for finder window, you can also open as many finder window and you can organise everything in a single window with the help of tabs. The OSX is up on the App store, just grab it.(For chennai folks I have a copy on my pen drive, If you can’t download you can get it from me. Let me know if you need on the comment section


The second on the list was about the new MacBook Pro. This new model comes with Retina and with the latest 4th Generation Dual Core Haswell chip integrated and weighs lesser than the previous Model. The battery life has been increased from 7 to 9 hours. Shipping Starts today! But for those who were waiting for MacBook Pro with Haswell it was a great disappointment. Then comes the New MacPro, the best build of all Apple products. it’s the super computer designed by Apple, California. It has the latest super fast Xeon E7 Processor with upto 12 cores and the Graphics is simply mind boggling. 


The end of the show was about the release of new iPad’s. iPad mini, iPad 2, iPad with Retina and iPad Air has been brought to the market during the event. iPad Air, it’s thinner, lighter and faster. It just weighs 1 pound with 9.7 inch, all the features almost matches with the iPhone 5S’s features(Article-iPhone5S and iOS7). Then as people requested for retina display in iPad, the new iPad’s are also equipped with RETINA display also with WiFi and Wifi+Cellular. The shipping starts on November 1st. 



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