Day by day the world keeps shrinking in the hands of people. In the early days the computing devices was in a size of a room and as the days rolled on, it has shrunk to a size of a palm with the evolution in the field of nanotechnology. Recently at CES 2014 Intel released a new computer called EDISON which is told to be the world’s smallest computer that really is the size of an SD card, smaller than Raspberry Pi. It has a dual-core 400MHz Intel Quark processor, DRAM, flash storage with WiFi and bluetooth connectivity and moreover it runs on open source operating system, Linux to control i/o devices. A Micro-controller is used for real time input and output with external devices. This computer not only works with Phones and Tablets but also with Chairs, Coffee cups and Coffee makers, home automation and more. It can also talk to motion and other sensors.


Many applications can be downloaded and installed from the App Store just like other common devices with easy customisation. During CES 2014 intel gave a demo which does the work of a babysitter. It regularly keeps a track of baby’s activity, the sleep time, heart beat, geo-location, temperature and that is linked to a coffee mug or any device where the mother or anyone can have a check on the baby. Secondly the SD card sized computer can be inserted into a camera and the photos can be directly shared on social networking sites or store it on cloud as soon as the picture is taken with WiFi connectivity.


As of now the device is given only to the developers who are interested in exploring the best of its use. So developers jump in to the Make it Wearable project by Intel to bring out what this SD card could do. Intel will be treating the best developers with a prize money of $1.3 million. The price of this tiny computer has not been told yet and the shipping is expected to start in the mid of 2014.


Mavericks OSX10.9

Hope few would’ve already watched the Apple’s special event, here is for the people who missed the event. The initial talk was about the most astonishing Mavericks release, this version OSX 10.9 can be updated directly from any version of Mac OSX10.8,10.7 or even from Snow leopard(OSX10.6) and wait for it –> It’s totally FREE. Mavericks comes with new iMaps and iBooks This update increases MBA’s battery life to 1.5 hours more, consumes less memory, High graphics rendering and lot. Not only that the UI has really been a great leap in this new update. The new update never vanishes your notification until you’ve peep on it and like your browser tabs you got tabs for finder window, you can also open as many finder window and you can organise everything in a single window with the help of tabs. The OSX is up on the App store, just grab it.(For chennai folks I have a copy on my pen drive, If you can’t download you can get it from me. Let me know if you need on the comment section


The second on the list was about the new MacBook Pro. This new model comes with Retina and with the latest 4th Generation Dual Core Haswell chip integrated and weighs lesser than the previous Model. The battery life has been increased from 7 to 9 hours. Shipping Starts today! But for those who were waiting for MacBook Pro with Haswell it was a great disappointment. Then comes the New MacPro, the best build of all Apple products. it’s the super computer designed by Apple, California. It has the latest super fast Xeon E7 Processor with upto 12 cores and the Graphics is simply mind boggling. 


The end of the show was about the release of new iPad’s. iPad mini, iPad 2, iPad with Retina and iPad Air has been brought to the market during the event. iPad Air, it’s thinner, lighter and faster. It just weighs 1 pound with 9.7 inch, all the features almost matches with the iPhone 5S’s features(Article-iPhone5S and iOS7). Then as people requested for retina display in iPad, the new iPad’s are also equipped with RETINA display also with WiFi and Wifi+Cellular. The shipping starts on November 1st. 


Leap Motion

In the mid 90’s using a device was so complicated, people had to take more effort to complete one simple task. Sooner came the buttons where one press of a button did all the work. Later in a very quick time they moved from Press to Touch, so instead of a button press it was more enough to just touch it. Ah! now even that has become difficult, we can’t keep holding a device and keep touching it for processing. So now the devices are handled using our gestures which voids all the press and touch technology. I’m sure most of you would’ve seen Pranav Mistry Sixth Sense video, if not please check this out 

TED Talk (Youtube)-


So now we know there is a device that understands our gesture and responds accordingly or maybe we would been using it in our gaming consoles and mobile phones. So LEAP MOTION is device with gesture technology in the market which can be connected to any device with a small cable and control the device using gestures. This device was launched in the third quarter of 2013 and has been shipped across the world.

Official website: 


We know doing something in the real world is not the same in the virtual world, but the developers of Leap Motion has bonded the the real with the virtual world. Any movement that is made in the real world is reflected smoothly in the virtual world. If you need to draw something using a paint application you don’t have to struggle with your mouse and keys, it’s more simple as how you draw in a piece of paper, you can just draw using a pencil in the real world and the actual image will be seen on your screen. So what happens here, the device sense your fingers and hand movements and responds to it with the tool you’ve picked.


Recently Dr. Guillermo Rosa has made history as the first person by using Leap Motion for one of his surgeries. Like how we got App Store and Play store for Apple and Google there’s one for Leap motion too. Airspace is the place where all the applications for Leap Motion can be downloaded.

Leap Motion Store:

HP ENVY17 Leap Motion SE Notebook is the first laptop integrated with Leap Motion where all the work is done just with a wave of your hand. 

Iphone5S and iOS7

Everyone knows Apple products are too costly than the fair price for the feature it provides, but still people keep buying Apple products in both software and Hardware aspect. It ousted all the other mobile companies with its unique core features and more importantly it’s Quality and Service. During iPhone 5S and 5C release in 2013, they have brought a new ‘S’ technology in 5S. 3S- Size, 4S- Siri, 5S- Security. Security is not just some software tweaks but also with the Hardware tweak. This time with the new release of iPhone5S you’ll find a ring on the Home button with sapphire coating, so there is no possibility of scratches.                                                  Image

To unlock the old iPhone we used to slide at the bottom and then enter a passcode but with this new upgrade it’s just one touch, all that you have to do is touch your home button and the finger print sensor integrated in the home button reads your finger print and unlocks the phone. Next comes the battery, ultimately it lasts for 10 hours with continuous usage of 3G where as the old iPhone struggled for 6 hours. People when they buy a mobile they look out mainly for Camera upgrade, so this new upgrade has 120fps with 720p recording that matches DSLR identity. iPhone5S has been integrated with A7 processor, the first 64bit chip integrated in a mobile phone. This time iPhone 5S comes with three colours(Gold, Gray, Black). With all these feature upgrades, Apple has released it’s new 7th version of iOS, in this version all the installed applications has been flattened, direct access to applications like camera, torch light, calculator and clock has been granted even when the phone is locked from the Notification Center. This notification center can be accessed by sliding the screen from bottom to top.


AirDrop which was only available to OSX is now available to iOS7 in iPhones and iPads. Moreover the main UI in the lock screen has been changed, the SLIDE TO UNLOCK  has been made invisible and the passcode screen has also become smoother. The iTunes Radio tab is a new tab at the bottom of the inbuilt music application which streams music from stations, based on the listening preferences the user can create the desired Radio stations curated by Apple. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook also announced that with this release Keynote, Pages, Number, iPhoto and iMovie will be available free in App Store.                                                                                     Image

Especially this version had more bugs where anybody can make a call to any number even without unlocking the device, next, the device returns to the home screen when the touch is made in the empty space between the photo albums and more for which Apple released fix later. It has been told the new generation iPhones will reach India by the dawn of November.




Web is 20 years old. The technologists are going to solve people’s massive problem in web application. The people are going to create some applications that their children are gonna use for the rest of their life. HTML5 is mostly about adding more new features to the platform. Web platform is a runtime environment for the web applications. People thought web applications were for desktop but then came the mobile platforms. Web platform is a set of protocols, formats, and API’s that are natively supported in browsers.

Formats: URI’s, HTML5, CSS3, SVG, JavaScript.

Protocols: HTTP, TLS/SSL, Web socket.

Past technologies– Flash, Brew, Symbian, J2ME and more.

Future Technologies– Android? IOS? 

Ah! Symbian was once a great mobile platform few years ago but now it has been suppressed by the latest platforms. So We cannot be very sure about something which is local to devices, where as Web applications are supported by all the platforms which means it just needs Internet connection and a browser. So you don’t have to tie up with any third party and bet on a Shared Solutions and you reduce your business risk, which means you’re investing in the future. 

You don’t need to be a procedural programmer to make a                                                   dynamic web content.


Web Platform Core Features


JavaScript & DOM


Graphics & Typography(Fonts)

Video & Audio


More web Platform Features

Device/Platform interaction


Real time communication




Programming Features

Web socket

Web Workers

Service Workers

Promises – API’s with Asynchronous value

TypedArray (Binary data) webGL


New Features for mobile 

Device orientation

media capture(cam+mic)

proximity events

Network Information API


Other mobile features


Battery Status

Vibration API

Touch events



Web Audio


Pointer lock

Touch events

Device orientation

Screen orientation 

Gamepad API


Ehack- Guinness Record


Ehack was a world level workshop conducted by Infysec across 42 countries in the dusk of July 2013 at SRM University. This event was inspired from Microsoft appfest held at Banglore in 2012. Appfest had around 2567 participants and the event went for around 18hrs , this was recorded as The Largest Tech event around the world and lead their name in Guinness Book of Records. Infysec is an Ethical hacking startup which has traveled to Bitspilani, IITM and almost to all the top colleges in India to conduct workshop. They’ve got good amount of participants for all of their workshop, so this triggered them to break the Microsoft’s record in 2013. E-Hack event was expected to held on 27th and 28th of July with more than 3000+ participants for 20 hrs. The registrations started one month before the event and the clock started ticking on their official website. People started pouring their registrations even before Infysec started publicizing the event. It was 23rd and the registration count was around 11k, so the organisers thought they could open spot registrations, the next day the count raised to 12k but suddenly on 25th the total registrations clocked 22k. Immediately the organisers of Ehack made a quote on the website saying “ FIRST COME FIRST SERVE“. Even then Infysec expected only 5000 participants as its known fact that everybody who have registered won’t turn up to the event and few registrations were made from other countries, but to their surprise more than 9000 people have checked in to the university.


All the corporate people and students who have registered couldn’t be accommodated inside the Auditorium which is known as the Asia’s Largest Auditorium. The event actually started with a mess but the organisers controlled the crowd and few people were made to sit in two mini hall’s, even then all the participants who had registered was not able to be a part of the event, the awful part is few people from Jammu&kashmir were also sent back. At one point of time the event started with the keynote of Mr.Vinod, CEO of Infysec and General of Ethical friends of Police(EFOP). The participants were listening to his felicitation with more enthusiasm and interest which was followed by 6 hours of Speaker’s session.


As soon as the session got over, one of the participant was called up on the stage and was asked to type his gmail ID and password and was told not to hit sign in. Mr. Vinod entered a script on the browser and immediately that guys password was decrypted which was viewed by all the participants. Later participants were entertained by a DJ show by one of the top DJ’s in India, DJ Lathish. The actual competition started only at night 9 O’clock, with more than 20,000 participants all over the world. The “Capture The Flag” went all over night with 50 levels but participants were only able to reach upto 15 levels. Meanwhile even before the competition started participants due to over enthusiasm hacked one of the organisers twitter account and the CTF server was also attacked. With all those difficulties and fun, the Infysec company and the participants successfully broke the record of Microsoft and made a new record with more than 9000 participants for 24 hours. At the end of the day each one who had been a part of the event was entitled as Guinness Record holder with a certificate from Tamil nadu Book of Records, Indian Book of Records, Asian Book of Records and Guinness Book of Records. The event was concluded by honouring the first three prize winners and the Ehack Anthem.

Official Website –

Facebook –

Windows 8

Why did the usage of mobiles get increased? The answer is INTERFACE. Android the open source Operating System went viral just because people want their devices to go handy. When it comes to PC people still keep messing with it even though it does all the work. Microsoft has made drastic changes in Windows 7, when compared to all the Windows series. For instance if you want to check your mail you’ve to open your browser, then open your mail box and then click on your mail from the list. But windows 8 comes with an inbuilt apps and an app store you can view your mail just with a click. You will find lot of amusing apps in App store just like Google Play but for PC’s.  In this new operating system the START menu has been removed. As soon as the system is turned ON, a plain colored background with lot of tiles (Modern UI) are displayed, in which one of the tiles is your Desktop. The START screen holds all the tiles and the software’s installed as it was in the START menu of windows 7. In Windows 8 the bottom left corner will take you to the START screen if you are inside the desktop, top left to the active apps and the top right corner to a section where you can find the start, settings, search, etc.

People found alien inside windows 8 OS!


You can also have START button by installing POKKI software, the link for the software download has been given below. Microsoft is releasing Windows 8 operating system on 26th October,2012 worldwide.